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Aquilla Nash
Aquilla Nash
‘The Prophetic Whisper’ is a weekly journey into the realm of the Holy Spirit. Through scriptural teaching and the prophetic anointing, Aquilla Nash leads her world-wide audience into the Spirit-led life.

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Bayless Conley
Answers with Bayless Conley
Bayless grew up in Southern California where, during his teenage years, he became involved in a lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse. After years of searching for truth, and a number of near-death experiences, he found answers and freedom in Jesus.

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Michael Rood
A Rood Awakening
RE: A Rood Awakening - TCC / Promo Pic & Program Descrip / Listings Rebecca Banks to: 'Jay Jones' 03/07/2014 02:01 PM RE: A Rood Awakening - TCC / Promo Pic & Program Descrip / Listings Rebecca Banks to: 'Jay Jones'

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Bishop Bob Jackson
Acts Full Gospel Church
Acts Full Gospel Church is the modern day version of the early church that evangelized the world.

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Franklin Graham
Always Good News
Emphasizes the urgency of the Gospel message—the need to share Christ’s love with others. Watch the BGEA leadership team discuss creative plans for the future, and witness believers in action through BGEA ministries as they seek to obey Christ’s command t

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Doug Batchelor
Amazing Facts
Pastor Doug Batchelor shares the amazing hidden facts and truths found throughout the Word of God each week on this informative and exciting television program.

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Kong Hee
Alive with Kong
Preaching the gospel of Christ in a way that’s both progressive and heartfelt, Dr. Kong Hee is a highly sought-after conference speaker worldwide, and his messages minister to millions of people around the world who are inspired to become true ambassadors

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Addison Adamu
Healing Miracles
Addison Adamu's telecast, “Healing Miracles” features his amazing conversion story and divine visitations from Jesus Christ through visions and dreams, prayer for the sick, teaching, preaching and showing miraculous healing testimonies from Freedom House

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Ancient Secrets of the Bible
Ancient Secrets of the Bible
The Holy Bible: fact or fiction? Between the covers of the Bible simmer history's most spectacular claims...but are they true? Myth or reality? Fact or fable? Now you'll be sure.

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John Michael Talbot
All Things Are Possible
John Michael Talbot is a Contemporary Christian Music legend, a best-selling author and the Founder and General Minister of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity at Little Portion Hermitage.

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