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Ted Shuttlesworth
Rev. Ted Shuttlesworth
Ted Shuttlesworth ministers the power of Jesus Christ to heal and to help in churches, auditoriums and tent crusades throughout the United States and in several foreign nations.

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Sid Roth
It's Supernatural
Sid Roth is a Jewish believer in Jesus. As the host of the Messianic Vision, a nationally syndicated radio, television, and publishing ministry, Sid has been on the cutting edge of Jewish evangelism for more than thirty years.

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James and Betty Robison
Life Today
LIFE TODAY, a daily inspirational talk show hosted by James and Betty Robison of LIFE Outreach International, presents the gospel through compelling and often miraculous testimonies of how the living God longs to be involved in the lives of His children.

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Dr. Adrian Rogers
Love Worth Finding
Through the preaching and teaching of God's Holy Word, pastor, teacher and author, Dr. Adrian Rogers will help you each week to discover that Jesus Christ is the Greatest Love Worth Finding.

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Carroll Roberson
Carroll Roberson
Carroll Roberson bring the message of grace, mercy and love in inspirational songs of faith.

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Rabbi Jonathan Bernis
Rabbi Jonathan Bernis - Jewish Voice
Rabbi Jonathan Bernis teaches about the Jewish roots of Christianity and Last Days Bible Prophecy.

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Dr. Gloria Williams
Right Connection
DR. GLORIA WILLIAMS is the Pastor and Co-Founder of Jesus People Ministries Church International Inc. located in Miami, Florida), and is the proud mother of one daughter, Richelle.

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Pastor Ron Phillips
Ron Phillips from Abba's House
Pastor Ron Phillips brings a powerful, high-energy ministry each week to the body of Christ, bringing the message of salvation, hope, healing and restoration into the lives of all who listen.

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Dr. David Reagan
Christ in Prophecy
Dr. Reagan is the host of Lamb & Lion's weekly television program called "Christ in Prophecy." This program is broadcast nationally on six Christian networks which combined have access to 70 million homes in the United States.

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Dr. Hugh Ross
Reasons to Believe
Through Hugh's years of study, he found only one book that proved scientifically and historically accurate: the Bible. Hugh started at religious "ground zero" and through scientific and historical reality-testing became convinced that the Bible is truly t

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Michael Rood
A Rood Awakening
RE: A Rood Awakening - TCC / Promo Pic & Program Descrip / Listings Rebecca Banks to: 'Jay Jones' 03/07/2014 02:01 PM RE: A Rood Awakening - TCC / Promo Pic & Program Descrip / Listings Rebecca Banks to: 'Jay Jones'

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Kenneth Hagin, Jr.
Rhema Praise
Rhema Praise is 30 minutes of inspired preaching and teaching by Rev. Kenneth Hagin, Jr. originating from Rhema Bib Church in Tulsa, OK.

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Dr. Gabriel Hope
Royal Steps TV
Dr. Gabriel Hope travels the world to spread the Good News...bringing a message of hope and deliverance to the captives...reaching out to the deprived, rejected and lost.

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